Morangos Silvestres

– By Rui Pinheiro


São Miguel, Azores, Portugal

Photograph: 800x800mm

Fineart Matte Paper
Printed in Paper 100% Acid Free
Cotton 300g
Glazing in PVC 5mm

Oak Frame 10x40mm with 10mm box
Reinforced Grid
Normal Glass


This is a standard version selected by the author and limited to 10 copies.

The size, frame material and glass can be customized under request.

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Rui Pinheiro

Camera Lucida

“The work of Rui Pinheiro is consumed by divergence; it lives in the recognition of a plurality of records. We read in it a conscious denial of the paradoxical singularity of post-modernity’s discourses. Starting from an exercise that relies on multiple configurations of aesthetic production, it is enriched by contrary  practices and is summed up as authorial in this contradiction: the ambiguous experience of an artist who made a  production path  that was not exempt from the mediation of more standardized structures and (conceptually limited)  concepts of contemporary visual language. 

Rui Pinheiro studied photography, cinema and journalism between Coimbra and Oporto, Portugal. He collaborated in national and international publications such as BluePrint, Dna / Diário de Notícias, Télérama, Vice, People @ pt, Jornal de Letras, Nau XXI, Ípsilon, TSF online, Curial Design, Domus, Epicur,, Arkitekten, Domus Web, Arq’a and also participated in editions of Getty Publications of Los Angeles, Dafne Editora, Homeland, News from Portugal – La Biennale di Venezia, Short Film Festival, 10 Years of Shorts, Pure Cinema, Ellipse of Duration, Closing the Weather.

He exhibits his work regularly in collective and individual exhibitions, both in Portugal and abroad. Lives and works in Porto, Portugal.



800mm x 800cm Photography

Oak Frame 10x40mm with 10mm box

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